Educational activities of Viva con Agua

One of the main aims of Viva con Agua is to reach out to young people and help them understand the global problems and challenges of the world they livein.

Working with school children, we aim to give them a broader understainding of social and environmental issues. In addition to showing them challenges faced my many communities around the world, we also provide them with ideas on how to participate in a positive and sustainable way.


Motivation and Cooperation:

Our aim is to draw attention to global problems and more importantly get students involved in a process of change. We give them tools and show them ways to act in easy and fun ways. That way, each of these young people becomes part of a long-term solution and the common goal.For VcA it is important to form mutual partnerships with students. This means that they decide what the coorperation with VcA looks like, rather than the schools dicating them.


To Viva con Agua it is important to try new ways in the educational sector.We don?t see ourselves in the role of educators or teachers telling young people what to do and how to act. We want them to experience for themselves how helping other people is easy, fun and very rewardingWe don?t have all the answers, but together we ask the right questions and find the answers. Cooperating with a school is never short-termed. We build lasting partnerships with schools that continue for many years and with many different students. This way we showstudents what they can accomplish by continuously working towards a common goaland present them with successes from previous years and groups.For example, if a school raised money through a charity run, we keep them updated on the changes their funds made possible and how people benefitted from their hard work.We have a holistic approach to our work with schools and try to have students, teachers and headmasters equally involved in our current and future activities.

Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V.,
Sebastian Bensmann