Viva con Agua is no traditional NGO

Viva con Agua is out of the ordinary!

Concerts, parties, fashion shows, football matches, marathons, exhibitions, bets and even massages - there are no limits to the creativity of Viva con Agua and its supporters.

This plenitude of ideas has one goal: to raise money for access to clean drinking water for all!

Viva con Agua has a special affinity to the sub-cultural and music youth culture in Germany, now rapidly expanding to Switzerland, Spain, further European countries and even accross the pond to Canada!

Here a few examples of the incredible, inexhaustible and innovative ideas of Viva con Agua Activities:


Wasser!Marsch 2008:

May 2008, a mixed group of idealistic water warriors went on a march, a water march, or as you would say in German: a WasserMarsch.
Starting in Hamburg, they marched for six full weeks, day after day. And after six weeks they arrived in Basel, just in time for the 2008 UEFA European Football Championship opening game.

But they did not merely walk. The group pushed a big, wooden, Congolese bicycle all the way. Pushing hard to get it up hill for a few minutes of fun of riding down hill again.

A number of towns and cities along the way took part in Viva con Agua activities. From concerts over football matches to school events, to raise both money and awareness for the cause.

True to Viva con Agua's idea of an open network, anyone and everyone could join the troupe and march for a day or a week or come to the events. The core group stayed the same all the way, but on some days there were ten people walking and on others up to forty.

In addition to the marchers, the Viva con Agua office in Hamburg was busy organising places to sleep for the group. Never exactly knowing where the group would be at sundown and trying to find a sponsor, i.e. sleep for free, at hotels, pensions, schools or gyms was quite a challenge.

Viva con Agua combined this unique action with a wide range of sports, music, social activities, politics and art. It actually released a soundtrack in time of the start of the hike.
Walking past wheat fields, sleepy villages, alongside riverbanks, muddy tracks and long forgotten pathways, the committed water warriors completed an unforgettable journey.

39 days and 1055km later, Viva con Agua had raised over 40 000 Euros ? funding 35 clean wells in Auhya Pihni, Nicaragua.

Cup-Campaign 2007, 2008, 2009, forever?

This might be a novelty...
Give your deposit to Viva con Agua &ndash your cup deposit that is.
Viva con Agua has established an effective and simple system for collecting donations at festivals in Germany and Switzerland: Give us your plastic cups!

The system is just as easy as it is ingenious, and has been tried and tested in festival seasons in Germany. VcA transforms the party folks unquenchable thirst into clean water for their project villages.

The principle is simple: Viva con Agua puts clearly visible bins for used cups all over the festival ground and next to the drink-stands. Viva con Agua's activists regularly empty these bins and redeem the cups' deposit at the festivals catering stands. An easy way to support Viva con Agua's drinking water projects.

Famous German bands such as Die Ärzte support the campaign, even daring the audience to throw their (empty) cups at them whilst on stage. The activists then collect the cups.
Some brave Viva con Agua activists go for a sail across the dancing audience.
Pictured it like this: A person on a dinghy, sort of stage diving, being carried across the heads of people whilst everyone throws their cups into the boat - sounds fun? Or simply crazy? well that?s Viva con Agua style.

As you can see, yet again Viva con Agua perfectly combines enjoyment, fun and the love of music with social engagement.

Donate your deposit! Because every cup provides water, gives life and so much more than a drop in the ocean.

WasserTage: WaterDays 2007?Probably the biggest charity festival Hamburg has ever hosted? so Viva con Agua-initiator Benny Adrion.

After 13 water days with more than thirty events, we reached our goal: Over 30,000 Euros. All from the proceeds of gigs and parties, cinema screenings, dance acts, plays and readings, art, tombola and even a benefit football match. All events happened in locations in Hamburg, ranging from nightclubs and restaurants to exhibition halls, parks and gyms.

An exciting and enormous series of events which now being held in a number of cities around Germany.

The 30 000 Euros went to the construction of five wells in the West African country of Benin.