Water is Life!

Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli is a charitable organisation based in St. Pauli, Hamburg (Germany), campaigning for clean drinking water worldwide.

Drinking well in Anosikely, Madagascar

What is Viva con Agua?

Besides the air we breathe, water is the most fundamental source of life.
Water creates life, water is life. Water means healthy living, happy living. For Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli this is the primary motivation for our activities - the funding and implementation of water projects around the world and thus enabling people to access clean water.

Viva con Agua sees itself as an open network!

Everyone can get involved with Viva con Agua.

Women and men of all ages, professions and backgrounds have access to the network, enabling everyone to bring in their own skills.
Viva con Agua is a platform for personal initiative and engagement! - put your ideas for a more social world into action and we will support you.


Viva con Agua is the world's first All-Profit-Organisation!

Everyone benefits from our actions: the artists, organisers and visitors of events for and with Viva con Agua, the initiative itself and in particular the people in the specific project areas. In particular cross-cultural events form the basis for our fundraising.

We believe helping can be great fun while following respectable aims!

We fight bravely to achieve our aims and encourage you - so fight with us!

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Viva con Agua is no traditional NGO

Viva con Agua is out of the ordinary!

Concerts, parties, fashion shows, football matches, marathons, exhibitions, bets and even massages - there are no limits to the creativity of Viva con Agua and its supporters.

This plenitude of ideas has one goal: to raise money for access to clean drinking water for all!

Viva con Agua has a special affinity to the sub-cultural and music youth culture in Germany, now rapidly expanding to Switzerland, Spain, further European countries and even accross the pond to Canada!

Here a few examples of the incredible, inexhaustible and innovative ideas of Viva con Agua Activities: